photo : indiatoday

Drawing comparison between ‘desi’ and ‘videshi’ cow, West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh said, “Only desi cows are our mother and not the videshi ones. There are people who brought videshi wives and they are now in trouble.”

Mr. Ghosh has once again landed in controversy for attacking a section of intelligentsia for ‘eating beef at road side stalls’ and ‘taking pride in cleaning excreta of foreign pet dogs’.

“There are people who belong to the educative society and eat beef on roadside. Why cow? I would like to ask them to eat dog meat also. It is good for health. Eat other animals’ meat also. Who is stopping you? But eat at your home. Cow is our mother and we see cow killing as anti-social. There are people who keep foreign dogs at home and even clean their excreta. This is maha aparadh (grave sin),” Ghosh said while addressing a gathering on the occasion of ‘Gopa Ashtami Karyakram’ in Burdwan.

He further went on to claim that desi cow’s milk contains gold, and therefore “its milk is golden in colour”.

“India is the place of Gopal (Lord Krishna) and respect for Gau (cow) will remain here forever. Killing of mother cow is a heinous crime and we will continue to oppose it. After breastfeeding, a child survives on cow’s milk. Cow is our mother and we will never tolerate if someone kills our mother,” the BJP state president said, adding that desi cow’s milk contains gold.

This is not for the first time that the BJP leader has landed in a soup.

On August 27, at Mecheda in East Midnapore, hitting out at a senior police officer, Ghosh threatened that no one will be able to trace his body and his family members will not be able to perform his last rites if he continues to harass the party workers in the district.

In 2017, the Bengal BJP unit landed into an embarrassing situation after Dilip Ghosh asked party workers to beat policemen if they hesitate to take action against Trinamool Congress supporters.

Then, Ghosh’s comment came after BJP workers were beaten up by Trinamool Congress workers in South Kolkata and allegedly instead of taking action against the accused, the local police arrested BJP supporters. “It is our democratic right to beat up policemen who are biased and specifically targeting us on the instruction of TMC,” Ghosh had said in a public meet in Howrah.

Not the least, in December 2018, Ghosh (while addressing a rally in Birbhum district) had warned Kolkata Police of ‘stripping’ them of their uniforms if the party comes to power, accusing policemen of filing false cases complaints against party workers.